Longevity Begins With A Change Of Lifestyle

P.T. IN A BOX believes that the key to longevity begins with a change of lifestyle. We are a family of fitness professionals who are committed to providing the health and wellness industry the latest innovative products and solutions. This ranges from body composition tools that can help you understand how diet, lifestyle and exercise programs impact overall health and human performance to our newest innovative solution, the introduction of consumer financing into the health and wellness industry.

P.T. IN A BOX consumer financing solution helps with the fight against obesity offering millions of people in the health and wellness industry a prevention tool to fight off chronic conditions, including diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Our support towards rehabilitation adds years to a client’s life and helps with a declining productivity and depressed wages due to lost time at work.

The Dream "It all started in a small purple office"

A good friend and I would always envision the day we would make a major positive impact in the world through fitness. We didn’t know how, we just knew that we would and when we told the story it had to begin with “it all started in a small purple office”…lol. We laughed about it as we drank our morning coffee and the more caffeine we consumed the harder we laughed and the vision became stronger and more vivid until we had consumed just the right amount of caffeine, where the crazy kicked in (the good kind). As we stepped out onto the black rubber flooring, where many have sweat, cried, fell, got back up and kept fighting, we took that sweet deep breath of musk that filled our hearts with hunger, drive and ambition. We were ready. We were ready to conquer the world one member, hell even 50+ members at a time. This is our story of greatness. This is P.T. IN A BOX.

Our Mission

Our company, with a culture of collaboration, action and entrepreneurship, holds a well – deserved reputation of providing innovative solutions, to drive revenue for our partners and clients.

It is important that all partnerships meet the same high standards in health and wellness industry knowledge, vision, integrity and customer satisfaction that P.T. IN A BOX sets for itself.

With these values we will continue to improve the health and wellness industry, better servicing our entrusted consumers.