The Truth

There isn't a club or studio owner out there that doesn't realize how critical it is to drive more PT revenue in today's hyper-competitive markets. The days of making profits simply from membership dues have been extinct for years. Moreover, in most markets you not only have a smaller prospect pool than ever before but you also run the risk of losing your existing customer base to new and emerging fitness solutions. Bottom line; you either find ways to get more people involved in your PT services or you close your doors; it's that simple.

The Solution

P.T. IN A BOX offers your club all the right tools to run a profitable business through your Personal Training department. Whether you are a large club or a training studio our proven sales system will guarantee an increase in your EFT and CASH and Highest Return Per Member.

We Provide a Complete Personal Training Department Program

  • Two days Hands-on training
  • Train the staff “Meet and Greet”
  • Provide Fitness Assessment Questionnaire
  • Train staff to follow script on Fitness Assessment Questionnaire
  • Provide “3 Steps To Success” Diagram
  • Train the staff to follow script on “3 Steps To Success“
  • Train the staff “ Out On The Floor Script”
  • Dynamic Workout
  • Train the staff “Closing” script on price packages

Variety of Products For a Variety of Members

Our Personal/Functional Training Consulting Offers Your Club

  • Highest Return Per Member Served
  • Increase personal training sales
  • 60% - 65% Conversion Rate / Closing Leads
  • Increase in EFT and Cash
  • Member Program Design
  • Member Retention
  • We Train Your Staff

Ask How we Can Service You For $1999!!!

All consultees will receive Full Access to

  • 52 weeks of Program Designed Training Workouts
  • Functional Training Tutorial Exercise Video
  • Full scripts of the Personal Training Department Program
  • Fitness Assessment Questionnaire PDF
  • 3 Steps To Success Diagram PDF
  • Member Program Design Card PDF

It Doesn’t Stop There, Full Access to Our P.T. IN A BOX Fitness Journal.

  • Interval Treadmill/Bike Programs
  • Measurements
  • FMS Assessment
  • Master Food List
  • Daily Diet Outline
  • Strength Test
  • Workout Log
  • Nutritional Intake Log
  • Body Fat Assessment
  • 52 Week Training Program


Women's Workout World

Julio was very Instrumental in helping us kick off our Personal Training Program. His tremendous experience in sales and expertise in training sales teams were a huge plus. I'm confident his services will help your business succeed.

Shari Whitley, President

Just Fitness 4U

With the assistance of Julio and his Training Program we grossed over $1 million dollars in PT Sales. Truly a master of his craft.

Ken Lynch, Owner


What I thought would take a year Julio accomplished in one month. His ability to train my staff and maximize profits through my Personal Training department was remarkable. He saved my club.

Paul Rowe, Owner

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